No packaged software will be able to meet all the requirements and needs of the customer. Your requirements are specific to you. We understand that there are some common components but we also understand that there are some specific components.

Considering the above we involve ourselves with a company by doing a detailed system analysis. Then once we understand the business process we get down to mapping these with the industry best practices. This opens up the gate for new and more streamlined & optimized approach for performing the same task.

This is in-fact business process re-engineering with focus on possibilities with technology and the mapping of the same against the current business process along with the Industry best practice.

We get the approval for the processes and only after the design sign off we begin the coding. In fact the SDLC is followed to the T.

While the process that we follow has no limitation based on Industry Verticals, but as an organization we have had the exposure to the following Industry Verticals

• Education
• Hospitality
• Manufacturing
• Pharmaceuticals
• Media & Television
• Backup & Archive
• NGOs